Ice Staff Buff - Bring back projectiles control!

Mistodel 2 years ago • updated by Seal 2 years ago 17

I was thinking about how to make an ice staff less weak. And like with balance everything is fine, but something is missing, and this is something - controlled projectiles.
In my opinion, it is correct that the mage can control the projectiles, since he knows many spells that allow him to do it.


- Regards, Mistodel.

p.s. : It's only for Ice Staff. Only mage can control projetiles.

But then shouldn´t the projectiles be bigger? (I´M BACK)

Nope. Projectiles control its like alternative for low stamina - main mage problem.

I don't know how much this will help, but it's a good idea. We should at least try it. +1

Even though an ice staff isn't my area,it should be buffed since it's a bit to easy to fight them and kinda ruins the tension in battle,so +1 as agreement.


Better buff for ice staff users would be mana for them so they don't have to use their stamina to make ice bolts. Mana would be blue and mana orbs dropping from killed enemies would work like stamina orbs, 20 % mana restored per orb. Also, there should be blue potion with mana what works same as stamina potion, of course.


Something like this maybe:

This is exactly this what I had in mind.

Ok, so 2-nd line for mana?

Yup,or maybe vertical bar,I dunno.


I don't even know why ice staff must include stamina

Yea that's bullspit.

its so people wont spam

Actually yeah this would make ice staff way better, and it's one of the worse weapons so +1

The projevtiles need to be faster

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