New Types Of Arrows

Shopkeeper Ally 7 years ago updated by xJoseph Coolx 7 years ago 30

Sorry for 2 ideas in 1 week just this idea is really cool in my opinion.

New arrows can be purchasable in the shop there will be a new tab called "Arrows" in the shop there will be many new types of arrows I will explain how all the arrows will work.

For this idea I'm going to make the normal arrows a little bit weaker.

Normal Arrows:

Gold Cost: 0

Damage 1

Melee Damage: 0.75

Special: Shoot a piercing arrow that does 2 damage (I think please do not yell at me in the comments that says something like "no the normal arrow special does 1.5 damage).

Poison Arrows:

Gold Cost: 1700

Dammage: 1.25

Melee Damage: 0.75

Special: Shoot a poison arrow that does 1 damage but poisons the player for 3 secconds

every second the poison does 0.75 damage.

Fiery/Flaming Arrows:

Gold Cost:1500

Damage: 0.25 but it will add a fire affect for 3 seconds every second the fire damage will do 0.25 damage also.

Special: Shoot a giant flaming arrow that explodes on contact that has a lot of knockback, dealing 1 damage plus 3 seconds of fire damage.

Electric Arrows:

Gold Cost: 2000

Damage: 1 each shot stuns the player for 1 second.

Melee Damage: 0.50

Special: Arrows start to glow and have electricity around them and when shot at a player it would stun them for 1.5 seconds and it will make a lightning bolt that will spread to other players and stun them for 1 second and will deal 1 damage.

Well thats my idea for new types of arrows hope u liked it :) and please remember this is just an opinion so please don't get angry over this. I know this seems a bit OP cause the bow it self is pretty good if your good at it, thats why the normal arrows in this post were nerfed a bit. These are basically bow power ups that will make the the game more interesting.


i like your idea! +1

my idea will be a bow user's dream if my idea was added XD


As a bow user I really like this idea of having something new to shoot.But how many arrows would you get for that prices?Could you switch arrows if wished so?Could you also pick up these special arrows and shoot again?Still this idea is pretty lit and dream come true for me

so +1.

when you buy a set of arrows it comes with maybe 250-300. you cannot switch to different arrows during combat but if you run out of arrows it will be switched to normal arrows


Oh,good,though it'll be good to switch arrows if desired so.

I think that will make the bow extremely OP if that was added.


Another idea for poison arrow could be dealing 8 damage(full HP) or maybe 4 damage over a interval of 10 seconds but the poisoned person could cure himself with health potions


And I hope water will be implemented along with arrow types so it would enhance the mechanics of the gameplay (eg: youre set on fire, so you jump in a pond to extinguish yourself)


Logicallly.Or get high damage if struck by lightning in water.That makes sense:


Oh yeah! didnt think about that one


That should be brought back again,i made topic about it.If you want,you can see it if you want.Rez put it under review,I dunno why since a lot of people want the older stats back.

Here it is:


A lot of them agreed about returning older stats,but do you?


Steel arrows:

Gold cost: 2000

Damage: 2

Special: Shoots steel arrow what is spinning (not like frisbee) and deal 3 damage if enemy tried to kick it back or hit it normal, if blocked then it pierces through shield but deals 1.5 damage, and when deals 3 damage it pierce through player making him bleed (0.5 damage for 4 seconds) and keeps going on its' line.

Dark arrows:

Gold cost: 5000

Damage: 1

Special: shoots black arrow what deals 0 damage, but if hits enemy it deals 0.5 damage per 5 seconds until this enemy don't use health potion.


the steel one is sorta OP since the only way to avoid it is by dodging


And my poison version and your dark arrow ideas are kinda similar :)


I know because I based dark arrows on poisoned ones but with other effect.

hmm... your steel arrow idea is kinda OP


What about 1.5 damage on normal and twice less damage in special attack?


Sry but this idea sucks....bow needs nerf!!!...Why not a flame axe, hammer??


you suck (talking to xenon)


Yea I know.Reload should be slower but damage higher.


if we are doing this with arrows we should do it with all weapons


Hammer shooting fiery arrows, I can imagine it.


i ment like different types of the same weapon

like fire sword


Having different arrows would be pretty interesting. Maybe balance it up a bit so it's less pay to win...the stunning should maybe be for 0.5 seconds and the poison arrow special should only poison for 1 or 2 seconds?


I have idea for another arrow type.

Richochet arrows


abillity:when shot,flies in straight direction at normal speed with normal damage and when

hitting obstacle,"richocheing" depending from angle;if shot from straight direction,arrow goes back at you and ect.

Just posting random ideas.

that would make interesting combat, but it should be if the arrows are bounced back to you it would not deal damage i think.


Yea,that makes more sense and benefits the user more.


Faster arrows:

Gold: 4000

Damage: 0.75

ability: It's faster than normal arrows

Special: Shoots this fast arrow that it hits target or obstacle in same moment when it was shoot. 0.75 damage, can be blocked and kicked back (good luck)


I have another idea

Scatter arrows


ability:one regular arrow split after 3-4 seconds into 6 smaller arrows each with 0.15damage or so.

special:regular arrow shot and split in 6 arrows bouncing off the objects and terrain dealing 0.15 damage,but higher speed,also can be blocked but harsly kicked,though able to deal a playermore damage if arrow shot under the angle from sideways.