Terrain Bug ( Not Fixed )

Marx 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 7

I do know that rezoner fixed the bug that u can go in fort just by that trick ( jumping at the edge of idk ^_^) and etc. but after some days, someone figured out how to do the trick again. but not the same trick, its similar but hard to do. FIX THE BUG so that i cant do parkour. xD i hate to do this but it is not fair for other players. :') 


There's 3 ways to go in the fort without using the spear's ability and the gates. The cliff jumping, the side wall jumping, and the other-down-right-hill-that-you-can-use-to-jump-into-the-gate.

Side wall jumping doesn't work for me,but cliff jumping does.It's not big of a deal.

So, do u agree removing it? 

It's good for controlling a fort really quickly, but yea, it's definitely a glitch that shouldn't exist, even if it's a good glitch to have and use.

To me,it's not big of a deal if this stays,or if it gets removed,I'm okay with that however you turn it.


And fix the bug that you can enter fort with spear special!

Just kidding.