Magic Levitation ~

Hooded Black 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 10

While I was Troll Farming ...

I was trying to get the Worm to move closer to the Troll so that I can kill him indirectly with ease.

While I was close to Victory the Troll held me and was about to throw me to somewhere that sh*t happens a lot but before he could throw me ,

He died from the Worm which killed him in the nick of time .

The funny thing is ... I was still in the air , walking and attacking everybody with my mighty Hammer , "THIS , IS MAGIC B*TCHES" . As soon as I jumped , the Levitation was over .

Damn I missed the fun of being able to float so I tried several times to recreate that situation .

Image 2431

It happens a lot on the server where I play


Already reported earlier.

Yea.and it appears if you get final strike on ogre too.


Btw "mighty Hammer"?You must be really hyped into it.

What do u mean by mighty hammer? a person? or a weapon? ;o 

Obviously a weapon,didn't you read this?I'm pretty sure he emphasized that already in his description.

If you are enough hard, I can use you as weapon instead of claws, Marx :)

Oh wow.Nice move.Awaiting how it'll end up.

*whisp* Call for ambulance, I don't know how long he will survive until he will start washing sand with blood..

*whispering*Ok,but let me first put on my rubber gloves and face mask,I don t want to risk hepatits,i just can t.