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I recently thought of how knockback would affect the game, and it gave me an idea.

So basically, if a hammer drives left and it hits the player, the player would be knocked to the left depending on the spot of the hammer. If it's a hard axe to the right, the player would be slightly knocked to the right. This could be open for more unique strategies and could be useful for driving people into spikes or voids.

Also, I thought that all of this would be complicating to put into the code, but I would just say it anyways. The hammer attack depends on how you move the cursor. If you hold the hammer and quickly slide left or right in relation to your character, the melee weapon could attack in the motion your mouse created (just left or right) If you just clicked, it would just give a normal front attack, with random animations. Well, this would have to be inputted to that it would be a very short window, about 0.3 seconds(?), so it won't disturb the charge ability or give unnecessary differences to the game itself.

For weapons like spear or sword it could vary between just very little knockback or pretty rough forward knockback. Ranged weapons won't matter unless you want an arrow whizzing towards you that'll push you in the edge or give you some boost. Dunno about ice staff and claws, prob none.

I just thought that having different knockback would be alright for the game, but It might be too complicated or too different for the game to handle. ._. Also it's my first post so I hope you enjoy it (or just dislike it, I'll learn my mistakes).

This new knockback changes seem great for improving combat,though it won't do much for archers.Still +1.

And new ogre's attack called "I believe you can fly" - Ogre does attack and player flows away to opposite border of the map

Yep, I had no opinion to this topic.

I meant directional impact mostly, not of the force of the knockback. But yea if there's more force into the knockback, then your idea will be good for map boosting or player evading/chasing, just for the cost of half a health bar lol. :l

I wrote it because I had no idea what to write here, but it's nice for you, then ok..


I think you got this idea from minecraft :D

You think or know he got this idea from "MainKraft"?

No I didn't? In fact, I don't play minecraft. I was thinking more of SSB. Does minecraft even have directional knockback? These assumptions though.......not even asking the question and just going straight into just thinking. :l (If anything Minecraft related gets sent to me I get a little irritated. Just something I feel)

Ok,just asking.Didn't knew.

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I don't think so.He's maybe mistaken for somebody.


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It seems like there's already some type of knocckback mechanics already in the game, like when I hit people with sword special and they go flying. Not sure how that works, though

Meh I'll just bump this for a few reasons.

Tell then why.