This is insane!!!

Celebrimbor 3 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago 16
It appears that if you reach a certain bone count (135 right here) you become partially immortal. the Guillotine and the Worm were not able to hurt me at all. Yes its about the bones, ive tried it again with 0 bones and I died instantly. Screenshots below

As you can see the worm animation plays but im still alive
Also I dont know if someone reported this before cause I didnt check, so sorry about it

I was about to leave and i wanted to pass my bones to Rishi van Guz. We had a lot of LOLs. Also this does not apply to spikes, they killed me in an instant


its not becouse of the bones i think i had that glitch a few times but i dont think so that i was 100+ bones

Yea,I wasn't immortal either,even with 245 bones I was minced by worm and crushed by guillotine or impaled by spikes, this doesn't apply to me either.

Then I really dont know whats it about, help me please

It's ussually not that big of a deal when you refresh the page,at least to me.+1 since it's pain in the ass sometimes.

dont remember what causes it, but its not the bones

Yea,that makes me wanna drink windex.

Too bad I drank it all.

save some for me I just watched the Netflix "Death Note"

It's too late,I only have windex.Btw Death Note on Netflix,I'm not surprised why you need a sip of it.

Yeah, this bug has happened to me numerous times and it's definitely not based on bones

Mhm, This BUG did not occurred to me. LOL +1 for seeing insane bugs

I think this sound should be played when you get thrown by Ogre:


Oh crap,that seems better than AAAAAHH sound.Btw why you've overexaturated with that last part.