bone make your stronger

lordxalasa 1 year ago • updated by Seal 1 year ago 16

everybody know that being king you can still be killed easily

so here something

every 10 or 20 or 25 or 50 or 75 or 100

we get an upgrade like 0,5 max hp upgrade or 1hp

too make it more better we could choose about

+0,1 plus damage

or speed

or others

Have a nice day

please put some upgrade idea in comments

Ok,so you thought of having player enhancers which will just make players more reliable on their "upgrades" rather than skill.Wouldn't this be like "life hacks" if I have to say so?

I disagree...it would be harder in general because people would now fight for bones and bones would drive even stronger the gameplay. 

I like that idea, although it was original my idea....There needs to be an award for collecting bones because you get aimed by everybody

Im sorry but -1, we need equality in this game so having bone based buffs would make the top guys' gameplay easier, then they will collect more bones and get more powerful and so on.

What's the purpouse of these combat mechanics if you won't progress and relly only on these "enhancers"?

Isn't enough for you fact that better players keep staying at top 5 when rest of people can't hit them? Awarding them with more hp will make game more unbalanced. No.

Finnaly someone who thinks logically.

You never thought I can think logically?

I didn't think....I know you can think logically.I was just saying in general.

If I were to choose king buffs or king nerfs, I would choose king nerfs because it'll be a bigger challenge for the king to prove his bone score, and just because it'll get interesting to see like 0.5 hp decrease after you got 100 bones, and other stuff. But having a normal king to me is the best out of having nerfs or buffs (lol buffs)

Yea,thread closed.Let it be as it should be.

Obviously you dont know what it is to be regulary king, otherwise you would have responded this way.

I'm sorry,but my pc is limited to weekends,so I farm extra bones at that time,like 250-400,well not that much at time but still,I just told my opinion,nothing mean.So just chill,dude,ok?

I'm disagreeing, because as you get more bones it should be more of a challenge to stay alive, not less. How the king stuff works is pretty balanced right now. You should earn a large number of bones and then work to keep it. How easy it is to stay alive should be based on skill, not bones.

Yea.I mean who'd like to relly only on these life upgrades and progress slower or not at all?