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sorry for useless content but I exited and re-entered the game a couple times for quests and I ended up fighting along myself against myself (no clones in there )


Yea,I know this issue.But this happened to me A LOT of times,but mostly because game likes to be douchenozzle to me and kick me out every few in middle 100+ bones,then I reenter the game and see my twin brother on top of the leaderboard getting killed after few minutes and all bones lost,but that's other story.

when you leave your player turns into a bot.  unless your dead when you leave.

I know that, dark lord

by the way are you a fan of the movies or book/games too?

tried it again on purpose. Same effect, same fun 10/10 would recommend to everyone

Well I won't .It's too much of a security risk,at least for me and ends up b a d.


If you do it enough times, you will be banned temporarily.

For how long are you gonna repeat this over and over,cuz' few of them don't seem like they're gonna understand that?Some of them spam dots,fancy text and some other marks and seem to ignore this.

Bots are annoying :( They have almost perfect reflexes. Except if you kick them xD

Who downvoted and why? :(

Im sorry 

Oh you don't have to be sorry at all.It's someone's fault,not yours.I upvoted it yesterday so that should maybe help.

Well thank you kind sir

You're welcome.Want some tea,btw?

only if its pure chinese tea, I cant suffer those mix-ups of sweet tastes made from chemicals and barf material

It's fresh from fremented leafes,from true tea shop.I prefer green tea.Adding sugar or milk isn't good idea as it seems.Any specific?