Crossbow/Musket/Using Items on Weapons

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Sorry for the three posts in one, but since Rezoner hinted at the musket as a new weapon coming up soon, I thought I would make a post regarding its mechanics:

Damage with melee attack: 1
Damage with charged attack (firing bullet): 2
Damage with special: 1.5
The special would be a bullet, which on impact explodes, dealing 1.5 damage
The charged attack would take 3 seconds
I also posted a comment with this idea, where if you were to pick up a throwing knife and you had the musket, you could press left shift to attack it to your musket. Your melee attack becomes a quick stab that deals 1.5 damage. The bayonet breaks after 3 hits
Cost: 3000 or 2750

2nd idea I had was the crossbow
Increased range and speed than bow
Damage with melee attack: 0.75
Damage with charged attack (firing bolt): 1.75
Damage with special: 2
The special would be a bolt with a rope attached, which would act like the current rope, but dealing 2 damage
The charged attack would take 2 seconds or 1.5
Cost: 2500

The third idea i had was using items on weapons
New item that has already been suggested would be added: Poison
For the bow, using a haste potion with left shift would quicken your rate of fire
For the axe, using a stamina potion with left shift would increase your damage by 0.5
For the crossbow, using the poison item would take away 0.5 health per second for 2 seconds and drain stamina
For the musket, using a grenade would fire a grenade with extra range, dealing the normal 2 damage for its charged attack
For the spear, sword, and claws, using poison also does the same thing as the crossbow
For the hammer, using a mine makes your next hit explode on impact, knocking your opponent back and dealing 2.75 damage
If they shield, they are stunned
If using the ice staff, using a mirage potion with left shift will make you fire 2 bolts at once

the hammer seem op

Ahhhh so much to read...

what, you dont like to read?

I made a similar idea to the musket a while ago http://wilds.userecho.com/topics/3921-new-weapon-hand-cannon

I think that the musket fits less than the hand cannon since it was made later (#NOHATE) but your stats and special are very good so maybe Rezoner keeps them

i thought both could be implemented, yours as a sidearm with quicker firing and reloading and musket could be the more juggernaut type weapon

Yea,it'd be great to have 2 opposite proportional firearms.

Toke's musket: Bigger damage<=>slower reload

Razvan's musket:

smaller damage<=>faster reload.

All that seems pretty damn lit.

idk, maybe mine should be the slower one since, well, its a cannon, and cannons deal more damage but are slower while reloading (again #nohate cause when i read what i typed i feel like im being rude or smth)

Well that's good balanced so why won't give it a shot?

I read manga,so I don't have problem.

Also I wanted to say that the idea of combining items with weapons is simply AMAZING! too bad rezoner is afk and cant see it

Increased range and speed th..." MY EYES

wait a minute

i meant decreased speed ._.

The only thing i like here is the musket which btw should do more damage for 3 seconds

I like the crossbow and musket. solid ideas. +1. I don't think the item attaching would work. It's too powerful, and plus you would have to memorize what goes with what, it's just too complex.

Well,regardless of being to op,any doof can remember the 1 thing(knife) attached to musket.

also with the hammer and mine

maybe it should be just the special