add suicide and surrender button !

László Madarász 3 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago 6

suicide: low healt enemy try kill you ? press suicide button and your character is died with animation

surrender: press surrender button and join  enemy team instant


I do not think it's a good idea since the kings when they attack change suddenly would be very unfair. And I do not think a suicide button is a good idea since someone will get the typical name: prees E for max level. I will then learn the noobs and gain instant spindles. I'm really sorry but -1.

Chasing leader with low health and finnaly catching up to him,just to figure out that he entered the other team can be frustrating.


Suicide button idea can be nice, because you will don't need to go to spikes, worm pit or guillotine, but surrender button?!

It'd be funny if you could commit suicide with bow like this:

Sorry I posted it again,it just reminded me.

Sigh... so what you are suggesting is a time-out button to save your own ass.