the game need more people here some tips how we attract more players

lordxalasa 1 year ago • updated by Seal 1 year ago 5

we are tying too make youtuber too play wilds.io BUT

theses youtuber wont be able too show all weapons cool others items

and the glory wilds.io deserve so i think we should
make a sort of account too show the game contents

or be able too try all weapons and shop items in private room

so i said one of the principal causes of why youtuber dont do any vid about it

have a nice day

This planing seems convinient enough to increase game's publicity.Contacting IO game letsplayers should be enough to make them aware of how great progress this game has.About trying all weapons for free,this could be implemented but tryout shouldn't last too long.Still+1.

I agree, we need more youtubers if we want more players... +1

(As Slither.io and Agar.io)

I know.We can contact Mastergaming,the one of the biggest io games letsplayers.

I would be youtuber because I have all weapons, but I don't have any app what records my playing on computer, and I don't have my own youtube channel.

Well,you can easily make yt account with email,duuh.And you have all sorts of apps for recording,the most basic one is Ispring freecam,and there is Manycam,the choice is really up to ya' since they're both easy to use.