Armor: No Damage Wall Glitch(?)

Strategist 2 years ago • updated by Seal 2 years ago 4

Anyways I rediscovered this glitch (I knew it long ago :l) And now I just realized again that when you have a certain number of armor (1 and/or 3?) and you roll, dash, or kick into a wall, you'll get no damage at all. I've seen this multiple times when clumsy me rolls into a wall for no reason in particular, and tested it out a bit to find out that it repeats the no damage fall when the glitch begins. My first post Also could I be given an answer as to why it occurs? (If it truly is a glitch (or something))


Do you mean walls or mountains,because walls sont deal damage

Yea man,it's not same when you roll into fort walls.For instance,this glitch happened to me but when i restarted it was fine.

The rock walls/mountains. I haven't really checked the fort walls.

Well,for me,even that screwed up.