László Madarász 2 years ago • updated by I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 2 years ago 12

rewards : special weapon, voice, cape, hat, coins


i dont think so that rewards are good but i would like to see achivments in the game


Yea,acomplishable things with better reward the tougher the goal is to reach,why the f*ck not?



only coins for achievements, rest of rewards are doing here game unbalanced if implemented.

like in starve.io

I think that achievements should be earned the hard way and the reward I believe shouldn't be props. Instead, I think that the reward should be medals that are attached to your character when you play or when someone researches you.

Well,if there's gonna be bunch of achievements and their medals,will most of them even fit on character.

It can be attached to your name.

and no one checks to see if this post is made once again

i give up

You took words from my mouth.

Maybe for who stay first for many times...