Special price or ability if you kill the Giant

Xenon 7 years ago updated by Shopkeeper Ally 7 years ago 18

Nooooooo the xenon guy.

My god,are you deaf or confused,since you don't follow 1 idea per week.And having special ability on me would be too op and unbalanced,but price can pass.

There actually is reward for killing Ogre - when he dies he drops some gold, like 50-80 gold. So I don't know what you want here for Ogre.

Yea,man,cash is enough.

Maybe a special weapon...or a random box.

Random box seems ok,though only few people would go for that price.

new macman here

No description again

and damn, Rezoner should implement a bot that automatically deletes an idea if there have passed less than 7 days from the last one

The original account owner is guilty of this though... at least most of the topics are somewhat decent.

Man, don't put the entire idea in the title...

yeah, make sure you add a description and there does not need to be a extra reward for killing ogres. -1