3 vs 3 back

JustStorng 6 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 6 years ago 12

Again,man,why no description?Still want this back.

i dont know, it might be cool, but the items should be removed like in browars cause i hated the archer with 4 clones, grenades and full armor


Yea,having bunch of clones,armor,hp ect,that just breaks the feel of self relliance and independence on items.Still +1,and want this back.


Btw,why you don't follow the rule of 1 idea per week?.No offense,but you made like 2-3 topics in a row or so.

Ok....This was awesome to me too.

I agree. I'm gonna start making new ideas on this forum, so look forward to that.

Good to know,keep it up.

I see no results in these 5 hours.

Of course since you can't post more than one idea per week.

I think is 3v3 is come back newbies will do targeting -_-

I do not remember that you used to have a target

New's are always doing targeting but they can not win.
Maybe they should learn this game!

Yea,that's the biggest issue now.I also remembered being in team with 2 newbies many times,though Rez implemented mechanic of being spanned against equal rank.