I cant abandon my quests!!!

WilderLord 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 9

when i right click on my quest nothing happens. i cant do any quests because of the two goals one. its a real pain while i'm saving up for the demon wings.

oops this is a bug. not an idea.

Yea,man,why don't you check the topics before you try to post something.

Because... because... eeeh... Because.

Not you,Jesus goddamn Christ.

just realized how retarded seal is

Pull that back,I'm not retarded.

i may be an evil tyrant ruling over the lands of middle earth. however, that doesn't mean that i'm not christian. in fact i am actually, who knew sauron was so soft inside. please to not swear in the name of the lord or else...



Wow,I'm evil lord,I'll obliterate you*cliché