Getting in the fort without using gates??? MAGIC OR BUGS???

Celebrimbor 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 5

  By now i found (actually someone showed them to me ) 2 ways to get in the fort without the need of a spear or the team's possession on it. Also I had second thoughts about posting this since if Rez fixes them many players will hate me (I'll hate myself too). But a bug is a bug and its a player's job to report it. Also posting this will show everyone who didnt know about it how to do it so feel free to downvote I deserved it.

 First one is here and its quite logical:


and POOF the magic landing

the second one though makes no sens and should be fixed. Heres how you do it

if you jump along this path you can get in the fort, which makes no sense.

I have to mention that both these bugs make the spear special useless

and thats about it...

Always yours, Razvancic the Ogre Slayer

Anyway congratulations for the hard work that u did.

This worked for me for some time,but it doean't work now.