Can't Get My Tribe Back

Hooded Black 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 32

Please HELP !

Here's a story :

A dumb Tribe Leader named Hooded Black tried to prank his members . By tricking them that he's leaving the Tribe . By using "/recover_tribe" he thought he would get the tribe back . But , crap happens , He didn't get it back but instead became a normal member to the tribe , This time , leaving the Tribe with no leader . PLEASE HELP ME GET MY TRIBE BACK , MEMORIES AND FRIENDS LIVE WITHIN THAT TRIBE ! /recover_tribe won't work . I tried . The Tribe name is Black Solitude .

After I left the tribe and got in , I'm no longer the Administrator or master .

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Hooded Black is a leader of BLVCK tribe again. Please don't do that again.

GIVE TRIBE BACK and stop disliking my comment xD

Ok ok easy there.This bug occured many times but didn't last long.

You mean , I can get my tribe back ? how ?

No offense, but only someone with something wrong with brain leaves his tribe when he's leader. Your fault!

He mentioned that he's dumb no necessity to repeat that in the comments

plus he supposed he can re-own the tribe by that command so he didnt do that recklessly 

I agree.(I WARNED HIM!!!!!)

Chong En , I'll be making a new Tribe ...

What can be possibly wrong with player who leads clan to leave it after?

I would like to be the leader again , I'm the one who updates the Bulletin , takes member's action into account and kicks them if they execute unforgivable actions . The Bulletin most of all needs updating , we have a list of Achievements and a list of other things that need to be updated as well .

That's why you think twice before you take an action you might regret.

y-yea , just learned my lesson ... the hard way 

Well,nobody's perfect.

So now im stuck in a tribe with no master.........

Go to SEALS tribe then ^^

We know,it takes so much time.

Choose what you want,it's your decision.

BTW you're not the only one who is in tribe without leader. *cough* ...ELITE... *cough* *cough*

I left the tribe I created called Glory, yeah. There is not getting that back now..

Oh no,not a demon!

"Let the power of Christ compelse you!"

*shows off cross*

aaaaaargh *dies*

(Ukryty is in translation from polish to english "Hidden" - the vampire who can give tasks to other vampires except other Hidden)

That was fast.*hoovers the ashes*

*Gets holy water*

Ty.I just needed that.*Cooks tea in it,wtf*


Hooded Black is a leader of BLVCK tribe again. Please don't do that again.

YOU USE MY LENNY HOW DARE YOU ლ(◥▶෴◀◤ლ)ლ(◥▶෴◀◤ლ)ლ(◥▶෴◀◤ლ)

Easy there,man.Is lack of snickers again or something else?