Idea to Spear's Special skill

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The Spear not have a lot of Fans because Special Skill not gives damage enemy (I think soo). Spear has Advantage which help to transitions high floors. It would be a good idea to combine these two things and make good Special Skill. 

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Image 2332

In order to Spear be too OP, I balanced my idea. Thanks kick in Special Skill balance other Weapon.   Sword or claws get -1/4 HP. Spear get only -1/8 HP because is long and attack on long range. As well as Claws and Hammer can attack with movement. 


Do you think it is a good idea?

I like that kick with +1 boost


I'm not fan of spear but I agree that spear is being too much underestimated.So making a spear's special do damage is good idea since it's only weapon with harmless special.


So +1 since spear doesn't pose any threat to other players with it's special.

but it's perfect for athletics competition!

Well not good for reppeling enemies!

we don't want to foul someone at competition, right?

We don't wanna foul someone at fight either.


I agree, this can make the special movie of spear more spectacular... Maybe this will attract more players to use it

Special skill-special movie... Similar or not?

We'll need something to record videos then.

We will make spear shine again.


Good another help for spear.


Congratulations for the work Mati.


Nothing bro 😀

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Cuz Spear is his weapon XD


I just got it and it was crap 

but adding this would make it better

Yea,I got it ages ago and it was cool first 30 minutes but then I realized how bad is really.Not major spear fan,rather bow user but still spear needs buff.