Bö item?

allah 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 30

Small description... But if we use it with 2 hands how do we use the shield?

Why did you just put a link to a wikipedia page with minimal information?

Wow.Short description,spelling of obvious,frickin' wikipedia link,uncertain topic name,Michael Jackson profile picture?!!??!!.5/5

-1 for the small description but if u say us other things i will cancel my vote because now the idea is incomplete.

Why u disliked it,I mean topic is in bad shape,but Michael fricking Jackson.

They disliked ti the topic of Michael Jackson's face!

Why we should not do it 😀

I know thw post is ballucks.Too bad Michael Jackson was on it!

Poor Michael...

All of you out there,press 1 in chat to show honor to Michael Jackson!!

He suffered from vitiligo,skin color disorder.He was black when he had this disease which skin appear white on some apots of body.Then he started bleaching his skin which made things worse.

Just look at his major change

I know,creepy as f*ck!

This girl on the left is pretty! (ba-dum-tssss)

BTW we are here to comment the BO item or to talk about Michael Jakson? xD

Seal with it.*puts on mlg glasses*

Fucking nailed it.You think like true seal!!

Oh,guys look who it is.I knew M.J is alive.

Thanks, but he could write the right link

Link wasn't even in apropriate language.

Ty.Btw I got idea for my topic from this one,haven't done it ages ago.

Why you lot of talking!

Not at all just like M.J. pic.