NEW WEAPON- musket

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CHARGE ATTACK: Single shot, 4 second charge, takes one third of health, 

SPECIAL ATTACK: buck and ball, one regular shot, and 3 smaller shots 

MEELE: Bayonet dash. dash a short distance dealing someone small damage and knocking the over. one meele every 2 seconds

wilds.io is set in a time period where there were explosives BUT NO GUNS.


wilds.io is a mmo computer game and if you were at all smart you would know that the musket goes back very far and would still be cool in the game, it not an AR-15 its a musket


I mean muskets weren't invented that far back.But who am I to complain

Yes, we have to take this into account.

The new weapons made the game very heavy.
So do not waste your ideas on this.


what are you saying

1. Handcannons called muskets was existing in XVI-XVII century, wilds.io time fits in XIII century, so musket is total nonsense in this game

2. This idea is shorter copy of Razvan Efros's idea

3. I think you aren't enough smart if you call people that they aren't smart, kid.


don't call me kid i'm probably older than you. and it is not a rip off of the hand cannon idea so fuck off, and for the record, why are you still against having old black powder guns in a computer game


Kids classic tactic - Say that you are older than someone. :)

Kids additional tactic - Say that you are smarter than someone.


And I'm not the only one who doesn't want black powder guns here, bow and wand are enough distant weapons here. Also OnderaZ is right that new weapons kade the game heavy, this game will be much heavier for new players when this gun will come somehow(probably miracle) to game.


how old are you?


You two won't stop do ya'?


okay i be the better man and stop


thank gods this guy stopped


thank god you stopped


how old even are you 


You are acting like Keemstar,we do not need you here if you continue like this


Finally.Thank you guys.I can finnaly collect my thoughts knowing that you two won't make another racket for some time.

You called him 30 in another post, so are you saying that you are over 30. 

You might be suffering from severe mental retardation and should probably get it checked out.


No need to involve more people or even yourself into this when it's blindly obvious that most of ppl with similar attitude as yours only offend other people.

ukryty i asked you in which period fits the game and you replied with unga bunga the hell man couldnt you just tell me its the XIII-rd century? :D

I got information about game's period much later after I answered in which period game is.


Perfect genius xD

Please do not argue, it will only hurt both of you.
I say the new weapons make the game heavy, and I know what as much as I do, you hate the delay.

The wilds.io game theme is barbaric - it's just swords, axes etc, which means there shouldn't be any guns

This is also a game where there are ice mages
you can survive a landmine explosion
there are rampaging ogres and yetis

there are health and stamina orbs

health potions

clone potions (WTF?!)

And lets not forget:

A treasure chest that respawns over and over in a giant pit guarded by a giant worm swimming in the sand.

My point is that there is ALWAYS room for crazy and non-logical ideas and weapons.


how am i coping ideas


He asks you to stop posting more than one idea per week.


He said: Please stop copying ideas not stop posting more than one idea per week, so...

i'm sorry but i did not know that that even existed 

egzekutor already told me rez is working on a musket

Probabily now he working about the new game mode that have more upvotes in "What's next".


Pretty sure he got that idea from moomoo.io


No,not that game,pls!