Customizable Maps

Shopkeeper Ally 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 13

Well As You Can Tell I Want Custom Maps In The Game, You Can Add Your Own Campfires, Item Spawners, Spikes, Sand Worms And More. It Would Just Be So Fun If You Can Play In Your Custom Map With Other People.

dont type like that for the love of god

Jeez,relax man.Why are you so moody?

this is the internet

do u really think im moody

Good idea but wouldn't this be too much work?But still+1.

Ouch My Eyes Hurt When I See Someone Is Writing Like That

You burned your cornea,didn't you?

Similar to the party sistem?

Yea,party making and invitation.

Join-create party

Along what I just said,yes.

id really like having such an option

also hosting a server on this map would be cool(i think any computer can withstand 5 people or so) so you can have fun with some friends

Again hard to implement cuz a lot of work is supposed

and yeah why in the world would you type like that?


That can be great.Btw my neolitic pc runs bad regardless of people.