Add the quest removal button

Celebrimbor 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 7

Im stuck with 2 football quests since monday last week(first is score 1 goal and second is score 2 goals)

I know I suck pretty much at football so dont mention that in the comments, also dont tell me how good you are, how you can score like 5 goals in a single, match blah blah blah...

So PLEASE ann the quest removal button!!!

I dont care if its one a day use or free or costs like 500 gold or smth just add it

some paint done here for a basic but needed idea

Always yours, Razvancic the Ogre Slayer


This would be nice to add since some quests are lost cause.I personally would like for this to be added.I also came on problem while completing quests,and that's major lag(as always on my neolitic craptop,but that doesn't matter now.What really matters is to add this option.So +1 from me.

for the love of god rez PLEASE add this

Nevermind i just got the both quests( lost so many times i ended up in a game with noobs and afks and only 1 good opponent

Rezoner should still add the button

aand guess what? I got ANOTHER football quest dangit :(

I think quests that bring people to other modes are good, there should be a choice between easy medium and hard quests for each type.

Quest refusing should work like you make the quest, but you don't get reward from it and you can refuse it in every moment, even when playing if move your mouse to quest description and press same button as razvancic showed here.

i rethought everything and the best option is having to pay some money to delete a quest. This will stop players from spam-deleting quests to reach the easy ones