Honest Ogre Criticism

I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 2 years ago • updated by Ukryty 2 years ago 7

Don't you feel that the ogre should be able to do way more than just smack the ground, run, stomp of even grab and toss people? I feel like the ogre just shouldn't be able to be that easy to kill, hence their size and regenerative abilities. Not only that, I feel that the ogres' real potential was just not taken advantage of. There are many things that could've been done with the ogre, examples are:

-Boss fight- For a mode

-Harder to kill (more moves) = Better Appreciation for the ogres because in wilds.io current climate about ogres, normally, players would just glance at it and pay no thought. Why? Because it is just harmless and if you walk away, ogres would just leave you be, which is out of character if you ask me. Ogres were supposed to big and terrifying but instead, we just got a huge cyclops wimp. Potential moves could've been like a body slam or even a wild whirl with it's club. Ogres should be so much more aggressive.

-Ogres aren't able to climb mountains: ogres are so dumb, they can't even climb mountains even though they can just vault over it with their sheer size realistically speaking. 

      Problems of the Ogres:

Raw unused potential of the ogres.

Exceptionally too easy to be hunted.

Tough Crowd

Lack of unique Abilities

Profile Flaw

I know I sound negative and ungrateful and I know that Rezoner is busy but it kinda hurts inside at the fact that Ogres are just so ignored at. Sure you may see a player killing it but most of the time, it's a bot hitting a ogre.

Ye but take in count its health, wich makes it the HARDEST mob to kill (aside from the goblin lul), so making it even harder would result in making it almost invincible, ranged weapons don´t deal much damage, so its hard to kill with ranged weapons, also even if you´re far away it can just run towards you and then throw you, dealing 4/8 or 8/16 damage, HECK THATS HALF YOUR TOTAL HEALTH, same happens with melee weapons, as the ogre has the jump attack, wich can ALSO be combo-ed with the throw, and that also deals HALF YOUR TOTAL HEALTH. So in MY opinion, it shouldn´t be buffed, i like the ideas about their potential, and that they could be used for a new mode tho.


You can literally one v one a ogre if you a little ounce of skill, which is kinda unsettling. Besides, despite it's size, it's extremely predictable and not very dangerous, again, out of character from a typical ogre.


Bilbo, Tori, Rudolf, Dori, Nori, Gloin and Ragnar vs Ogre! (30 seconds later) K.O. Ogre won!

Ogre stats:

-150 HP


-hammer 4/8 dmg

-smash 1/8 dmg

-throw 2/8 dmg (for both players when ogre hit another player)

After killing tons of those mofos with my crew and by myself I have no comply about taking them down with the bow cuz' I'm used to it,same goes for it's hp.Their moves and responding could be better,smarter and more realistic.They should be at least more inteligent than sandworms.


Pathfinding + Boulder Toss move

I find them to be more of an annoyance than something difficult. 90% of the time you just try and avoid them during fights and occasionally you end up running into one screwing up your momentum. They also seem to enjoy hanging out at the left side no team spawn point, throwing you instantly when you respawn.