Ranked game weapon throw glitch

Tawreos 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 4

Well this didn't bother me until I saw Son Efsane and sekshun5 exploiting it.

In between ranked rounds, right in the middle of those 10 secs of waiting, if you succesfully throw your weapon exactly in that moment when teams are re-positioned for a new round to start, your weapon will start the throw-animation also in exactly that moment, *yet*, when players start moving five seconds later, the animaton will dissapear and your weapong will be thrown again from you, but this time invisible. That means, it will physically start it's hit trajectory, from you in a straight line five seconds *after* it's visible animation started. It results in a very convenient way to hiddenly dealing 3 dmg to your opponent (if you aimed correctly, obviously.)

Procedure (in case the above explanation is not clear enough):

1. Win a round.

2. Aim to the position of your opponent's spawn point -relative to your spawn point- and wait a little bit less than 5 sec, to the re-positioning of players.

3. Press F to throw your weapon *slightly before* that re-arrangement happens. If succesfully, you will be performing your weapon-throw-boost-spin while this rearrangement occurs.


4. See as your weapon is thrown away from you in the direction of your opponent spawn point.

5. Wait 5 sec. to be able to move, and note how your weapon dissapeares; now it's nowhere: not in your hands, not in the air spinning.

6. Wait the corresponding time to see how your invisible weapon hits your enemy and deals 3 dmg.

Additional: When these players mentioned in the start of this post got to throw their invisible weapon to me, I managed to kick it back. Yeah, the invisible thing, I waited and kicked. The weapon then physically landed by itself I dont know where, somewhere in between my enemy and I, but it's animation reappeared OUTSIDE the map, in a straight line opposite to my kick and it's original thrown point. The animation was as if the weapon was coming towards me. Just the animation, tho, the "physical" thing was in between my enemy an I, and landed somewhere around there.

I know this probably sounds confusing, it's because it's specificity (also my english is not my first tongue.)

rez plz fix



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