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Always since I started playing wilds.io and wanted to remember me. But there were always better people than I did. I would like it to stand out and that is why I give this idea. The medals are unique things in this game only there are 5 and are difficult to get. I wish there were medals as quests.

That is to say: Kill 2 ogres medal: apprentice of killer of ogres. Kill 10 ogres: professional ogres killer. Kill 20 ogres: master killer of ogres. Kill 30 ogres god ogres killer. The same kills 10 people: apprentice killer of people ... And things like that. I would also like to have limited medals, that is to say that you have 2 days to get that medal but after a long time it will not appear again. The medals would be quadraditos that when going up of level have more sweeps inside and soon stars.

The medals will accumulate around your name and when you can not choose more than you can choose the ones you want to wear.

I know it would be very difficult to get all this but I think that the veteran people who want to score in the game with a lot of effort will conserve these medals if they mark in the history of wilds.io.Thank you for all your attention if there are more that want to score in the Story of wilds.io denle +1 to this idea but everything is decision of the community and of the creator of the game Rezoner.


Sorry if there are things that are not understood is that I speak by translator and sometimes it does not translate well.

True that.So they're basically achievements you can get for your effort excelled at certain things in the game.


My ideas about achievements

Box hitter - destroy 50 boxes

Box killer - destroy 150 boxes

Box fighter - destroy 500 boxes

Box destroyer - destroy 1500 boxes

Box nightmare - destroy 5000 boxes

Goblins amateur - kill 10 goblins

Goblins fighter - kill 20 goblins

Goblins killer - kill 50 goblins

Goblins destroyer - kill 200 goblins

Goblins nightmare - kill 500 goblins

Starter - kill 5 players

Newbie - kill 10 players

Apprentice - kill 25 players

Amateur - kill 50 players

Fighter - kill 125 players

Killer - kill 300 players

Monster - kill 750 players

Destroyer - kill 1500 players

Nightmare - kill 5000 players

Killing master - kill 10000 players

God of death - kill 50000 players

Lucky Arena Ranker- Win 10 arena matches in a row without losing once.

Lionel Messi-  Win 10 Brutal Football matches in a row without losing once.

Trickshot- Score a point in Brutal Football while being the only one standing.

Clutcher of Arena- Turn the game around when you are at 0-2.

Clutcher of Soccer- Turn the game around by scoring 3 points when the score is at 0-2 for your team.

Cheater- Abuse a glitch/ bug.

Good idea but medals should be reward worth little more than 20 killed ogres. 

Read the whole topic.

I got cheater like 1000 times by now :v

Maybe getting medal for every 50th ogre kill.

fairly good idea

i'd also like to find a way to pronounce myself in the community since im here from the beggining

This reminds me of my server for the ogre killing medals lol, also I was thinking of this in my achievements post

I made a post very similar to this one not too long ago

Oh,yea.The one about achievements,right?

Medals/achievements shouldn't be by your name in game tho

Maybe in some sort of profile that pops up when someone clicks your name in a leaderboard or on the tribe member list?

To make it possible we will need profiles introduced to game.

Yea,that makes more sense.