make ogres turn faster

kanguror 3 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 3 years ago 16

its too easy to kill them if they cannot even turn around fast enough

you are talking about yetis, right?

I wont downvote, though the idea is bad

ogres have a sh*tload of hitpoints, can kill you in 2 hits and now you want to make them turn around faster?

Yea,it can have big hitpoint and slow turning or small hitpoint and fast turning.That needs to be balanced.

ogres are pretty good how they are now. It's still very challenging to kill them if you aren't used to it

its not challenging i can kill ogre not taking a hit


Correct kanguror's sentence is: "it's not challenging, I can kill yeti without taking a hit."

its quite easy to avoid getting hit by the ogre but other players can hit you

Why are you so savage to him?


Because this topic is total nonsense. If he would change title to "make yetis turn faster", this would make sense.

Oh right.Just imagine if titans appear in the game.Try to deal with them.


What if seals will appear in game?! :O

But that's not gonna happen.

*insert sad dog...ergh...insert sad seal image here*