History and REPLAYS - Relive your greatest victories!

Mr Soccer aka Virtuoso 7 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago 28

Hello my wonderful Wildsians!

For all ranked matches, Arena, Browars, Football etc, it would be a great if there could be a history page that shows battle results and how the score is adjusted. This is great for new players as well, since they might not understand how the ranking system works and is great for bug tracking (I am certain I seem to randomly lose points sometimes).

Another feature that would tie well with this is replays, the ability to watch that famous victory where you beat Rezak 3-0. These replays could be shareable, so that others can watch, maybe even an ability to convert the replays into youtube videos, help to spread the word about the game and raising the profile of the game to bring in more players. If it would cause too much load on the server, maybe they could be stored locally instead, with some sort of backup facilty for exporting and importing. 

These features would be a really nice way to spread the game and have great memories! So press that upvote thumb and lets get this in the game!

Stay strong and battle hard!



First of all , We're not YOUR "wonderful Wildsians"   ! Show some respect warrior XD


Your idea is awesome , I would love to see match results from time to time but I think this would take time if this were to be implemented . This idea may cause problems like :

Recording while in battle may cause laggy gameplay ... 

importing the recorded battle videos (saving) may also cause lag  . 

But however , This idea is awesome but I only approve of seeing match results from time to time , I would like to beat the heck out of a clan member in the Arena 3-0 and posting it on Discord .  

Thank you for the appreciation of the idea.

I understand your concerns, but if the recording is made locally or on a separate server then it shouldn't cause any lag issues. Secondly, the way around this is to have the ability to turn this feature on and off in the settings menu. But since there is already the ability to spectate games, I don't see how recording would cause any more lag than that, since it is streaming to a file rather than streaming to another computer.


Sorry if I caused any offence, but I say my wonderful Wildsians because you are all in my heart. This wonderful community is special to me.


Ok ok this game and whole comunity means a lot to me too but over-exaturating won't change much even though your loyalness deserves recognition too.

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That one only talks about football, not the other modes.

He dont said "you can do a football match replays"

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