Making Google translate available for Chat

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Dear Rezoner,

Can you make it so that you can use google translate in chat? As of right now, you cannot copy and paste a sentence in a different language using a Google translate. I am requesting this because ever since Brazil server was removed, North America server was filled with players from South America. And since they spoke a different language, some of us (including me) could not understand what they were saying let alone communicate with them. This would help us players (with accounts) encourage foreign guest-players to get more involved with the community by creating accounts of their own, improving the general player base. This change seems fair enough.

What I'm trying to get at here:       Enabling Copy and Paste function from Google Translate into In-Game Chat.

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Probably someone from Turkey disliked this topic, because there are most of them in EU server and they want to keep spamming chat with making sure nobody except turkish people will understand them. Team olan!

That happens... in more IO games (bump)

Not buried when I am here!

Damn. Vsauce with the spit facts...

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Then it will appear a window that ask you if u want to translate the text?

Yeah, and this will take full of your gamescreen :D

Or just remove the turks

Wow are you serious with all that descrimination?

I think it would be better if everything is translated. That there is the option of an icon that you translate and whatever they say translate to your language. And if you want it normal you show original in that icon.

I'm scared this translate will look like this:


-I really like playing wilds.io!

*press translate button*

-faufhs saofjawhn wiafjhn wilds.io! - translation from English to English