Vampire mode

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Here is an idea for a new game mode, this is where players are in a rather small place (about the size of 4 arena maps) and each player has a blood lust bar, this bar goes down gradually over time and needs to be refilled by killing someone or else they will die when the bar depletes.

Killing someone also regenerates quite a bit of health (or else it would just be impossible to go on without dying within a minute). Naturally this would be much different than the usual wilds.io and dying really isn't that big of a deal so I propose a penalty for dying. A game without a risk just isn't fun hehehe!.

A player would lose a coin or/and 2-4 bones every time they die. I think this is a fair deal because lets be honest 2-4 bones and a coin per death is absolutely nothing when compared to how much bones and coins there will be in a carnage of 15+ players in a tight space and everyone of them desperate to kill the person next to them.

That idea is rough and some things can be changed. If anyone has any additional ideas put them in the comments. ^_^

So basically it's more brutal and bloody slugfest with money and bones intake for killing and aswell losing cash n' bones for dying than arena or browars exceling at major massacre and chaos,am I right?

take my like

I play a game where there is this idea and i like it.

Is this game named... wilds.io?

Nah... Prince of persia warrior within