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First of all I want to mention that these skins are only clothes that can be mixed after we start.
These skins are the continuation of the helmets.

Cowboy skin: The cowboy skin is that of the cap.
At the top I would wear a poncho. The poncho is a kind of blanket that is put to protect itself from the sand and the sun.
On the bottom or pants with fringes on the ends.
And the shoes are normal but with a star behind.

Ninja skin: The skin of ninja would be the one that takes the hood.
At the top I would wear a kind of bathrobe but thinner.
At the bottom some meshes.
I shoes ninja sandals.

Viking skin: The viking skin is that of the helmet with horns.
At the top would wear a chest with metal scales.
In the bottom a normal pants.
I of normal shoes.

Spartan skin: The spartan skin would be the one wearing a helmet with that kind of crest.
At the top I would wear armor that was only half a bit dusty.
At the bottom some shorts.
I of normal shoes.

Wizard skin: The magician's skin would be the one wearing the wizard's cap or the Christmas cap.
At the top he would wear a long robe and his feet would reach him.
In the bottom a normal pants.
And of normal shoes but with undulations.

Skeleton skin: The skeleton skin would be the one wearing a skull.
At the top I would wear a shirt with the bones of the body at the bottom and in the shoes alike.

Dog skin: The dog skin is the one that bears the face of a dog.
In the lower part I would wear hair like a werewolf ..

I can see the whole body of the character and then tighten the clothes of each part: Upper bottom and shoes I put the one you want.

Here I leave a very bad drawing that I have done. They are the templates of the skins.

Sorry for the poor quality of the drawing but it is that between the lights and the evil that I draw ...

Thanks for your atention

This not a skins, it's clothes

i thought this was a poem

Remember that we are in Wilds.io...we are wild and we do not care about skin  😉

The hats and the capes is okay but the skin in my opinion no.

Lo sé, pero los salvajes evolucionan y que puede poner en una ropa más hermosa.