My arena score has lowered for no reason!

WilderLord 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 10

this is might be a bug but i'm not fully sure. i have not played in the arena for a few days now and my arena score has lowered by 2 whole levels. i'm not sure why. is this happening to every one? 

are the arena scores slowly lowering like they did when rez was trying make things even?

Score in arena and soccer is lowering by 2% every day, if you didn't knew.

Ukryty not by 1% ??

Goes down by 2% every day. Don't try to crash my memory! Its' size is 1500 TB!!

Now it's 1%. 2% was on the beginning.

probably one of your family sneaked in to play your computer and made you lose points?

i'm not related to very seal. but yeah sure, just for a joke.

When first player on arena gain points, he making higher points requiments, for each rank on pvp. So when you lost for example axe rank, probably top player  get more points, or you lost it cuz everyday players lose 1% of score.

annoying, i had a high score. i went away for a while come back and i'm looking like a noob :(