My french friend: Ukryty

Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 29

As long as I remember, it was impossible to copy the nickname what is already occupied. Today I got shocked.

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He is talking he is Asklepio, Apollo etc. I thought it's me after I had to refresh the game (no nicknames), but he was talking. Help

Its EZ! Say that the setup that hes wearing isn´t the one you use (Eg: My normal setup is claws + viking hat, im using this just for fun) and now he thinks he has the wrong setup.

He saw me if you don't see on screenshot...

And I was checking the tribe members list and I found only one Ukryty - me.

do you see the transparent green circle under his legs? Im not sure but i think it shows you the people you invited in the game through the link. Correct me if im wrong

It's the sign of who is using your matchmaking group, but it works same for inviting through link. All SEALS members use just matchmaking group, to increase chance for meet someone else from same clan.

This works all the time.

Nope, because I often land alone with nobody from SEALS.

If you're on eu server with matchmaking "Seals",you can play with us.

I use it but it doesn't always work.

Well that's pain in the ass.

How did that not work?

It's probably your friends trolling you

He like your name. 😁

Yeah, I know that I'm most famous player here (One of players is creating game where main villain will be named... Ukryty), but this doesn't mean that someone can use my nickname without my agreement!

Your account has been hacked.

O_O This guy is gonna change into Rezak..

Savage doge where are you?You're about to say something,it 's your signature line,c'mon.


That bump tho xD

I post that comment not to bump this topic.


savage doge will be angry!


Lol guys we are kidding


I know that.It's just a joke.


Oh sh# t you're in trouble!


Jeez.Not funny at all.They've been abusing him.