[Idea] Wand Rework

Evasive 7 years ago updated by Egzekutor 7 years ago 11

The wand is, in my opinion, the second weakest weapon in wilds. To help, I think the wand should have a secondary fire which can hold its charge (like the bow). In order to prevent it from completely outclassing the bow, the secondary shot should only deal 0.75 damage (compared to the 1 damage from the primary shot) and its charge time would be the same as the bow. This allows the user to aim more effectively and conserves stamina. 

What combination of buttons you suggest for it? Basic charge is at this moment occupied by normal magic bullets.

no clue, but default could be holding right click

And mage can't run xD

my dude, I main wand and hammer and I can tell you that wand slays. And it's definitely better than spear, so it isn't the worst weapon. Also I don't quite understand what's being suggested here in the first place...

that's why I said second worst...

i dont get it


So basically, Evasive is suggesting a buff to the wand by adding a second projectile after the normal ones.    ;)


I feel like instead of having a second projectile, the wand should have a faster and more damaging melee attack. It could become more of a balance of melee and ranged attacks, and add a little more variety to the wand gameplay. The freeze would have to be less, though, to prevent a successful special from being too op

It' true...If not, it would become too op.

what is op?

Oh punched?

Only parts?

Over powered?

On plate?