wtf claw special hitbox?

Knight of Rage 7 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago 15

On multiple occasions have I been hit by the claw hitbox when the claw special was used in the opposite direction of where I am standing (if i'm anywhere near the guy when he starts the move), or when the animation was finished and I was approaching for a counterattack, or when the guy just missed me altogether (I was more than one player-length away from where his pixels were) but the magic hitbox that's as big as a ******* ogre clips me anyway. The claw special is already blindingly fast, far, and completely risk-free, at least the hitboxes can be somewhat realistic.


I agree. The claw special has way too much range, far more than all of its other attacks, which is why it's so op. I'd love to see this balanced a little more. +1


It also allows the player to cross terrains with different heights and travels as far as the spear special...

wait can the claw go up mountains with special

I don't think so..

Of course you can! You just have to change your weapon to spear and you can climb up mountains! How didn't you knew it?


Decrease the radius and increase the cost of claws by up to 5000

What about players, who bought them for 2400?

Heh i dont know...

Give them 2600 and they'll be happy XD


yes, the range is very long, we should decrease it +1


...also rezoner when u gonna get around to my healthbar...

:b: emoji lol xdd

Everybody in game chat is so sick of the claws special, but Rezoner isn't changing anything...

I'm sure he will, just remember how he nerfed the sword. :)

It'll just take a loooong time

You talk about yourself, I have nothing to claws even if I don't play wilds with them.