Conjuring staff

gerry yolopolo the hobo 7 years ago updated by RedDeadX 7 years ago 4


3000 coins


like the ice staff but a purple crystal which 

has smaller crystals floating around it


the staff summons shadows instead of shooting bolts

each shadow is simply a goblin which is only a silhouette

the shadows would not release anything when killed 

and would have X3 more health than a goblin

each shadow would use 1/4 of a players stamina bar and would appear in front of the player every 1 second while they are holding down on the mouse

they would only attack the players enemy's


creates a shadow bear. however the bear moves faster than normal but has 50% less health and deals 1/3 damage on a hit.

i hope you like this idea :)


First time I read "Confusing stuff". xDDD

So basically a staff that spawns shadows and yetis

Dude, I really liked this idea, how do I give 60 like? 


Only one problem. How would you control the goblin's target? If you cant the likelihood of getting a kill in the fort would be really, really low because they would not target a particular person, and instead go to any random hostile. I'm still upvoting this because this is a good Idea.