Rewards for football

Mr Soccer aka Virtuoso 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 4

I think that there should be other rewards in football, to give incentives for different types of players. For instance, at the end of the game, there is an awards listing:

Player who killed the most players: Bob, reward 1 goal, 50 gold

Player who made the most saves: Dave, reward 2 goals, 50 gold

Player who made the most successful passes: Jim, reward 1 goal, 25 gold.

Feel free to list any other awards that could be given!


lol these names, bob xd

Well I could have put my name in there for them all!!! ;-)


Not bad...i like this idea.

So when the match finish will appear a rank like in old version.

But the pass rewards in my opinion is impossible because the ball is not controllable enough to make good passes.

Then how do you make the PC understand that this is a good pass or save and other not??

However +1

Passes are definitely doable, just watch me andHohoho play together XD

A save :- If the ball was heading to cross the line and a player blocks it, then it is a save (A calculation is made after every kick as to if it would have been a goal or not), hard to implement though because of the curving on the ball. The only way to change this is to make the curl apply as you hit the shot, which is closer to normal football anyway rather than being able to control the ball in the air.

For a pass, if a ball is kicked, is the next player to touch it from your team. (Coding on that is much simpler)

In an old soccer game that I used to play, each of these things that you do was given a rating and a MVP was displayed (Most valuable player)