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*This is idea was saved weeks ago in a note document , And I don't care what happens to this  anymore, but it'll be a waste not having to upload/share this idea , anyways , have fun reading*

For this presentation . Please read all of the contents below , Stay with me no matter what happens ! xD
Although this will take some time to read ~
(Rezoner , YOU CAN NAME THIS GAME MODE ANYTHING ! Assuming you agree with this idea)
This is a Co-op , Life-Death Game Mode , If a player dies , He will either have to quit / spectate . If Everyone dies , then it's game over !
-A Game Mode of Surviving Boss Battles where in players fight Until they die (No Respawn) , Players who get their hp to 0 will be knocked down and have a chance to be revived
 by a fellow player (You'll get the sense of a co-op gameplay) , 

Each Level of the game mode consists of "Bosses" , It can vary from monsters ,to trolls , or ancient gods that have gone to the dark side .

-Everytime a player gets knocked down , They will have to crawl ( much lesser speed than walking) out their way from danger .Enemies can still damage a knocked down player .
 They will have full health when knocked down and then gradually taking damage from bleeding. If a player can't revive a knocked down teammate , then the knocked player dies .

-Players revived by their teammates (Other Players) , Will have their Health restored FULL , Reviving a player will take 4 sec. until then , players must help each other .

-There will only be a maximum number of 4-6 Levels , depending on how much Rezoner can do this . 

-Each level will have different difficulties (which means , Stronger bosses in every higher level)

-Players can choose which weapons to use (ANY) before a match starts ,( as long as they don't have thrice the same weapons , a maximum of 2 same of the same 
 weapons will be allowed - optional), You can call this a class/role .

-Every Game mode will have a maximum of 4 Players ,each will vary in Weapons , If players don't have any weapons , Just an AXE , they can just rent a weapon from the armory
 For a single match only for like 400 for the hammer , 600 for the Sword,Bow,Ice Staff and Spear , and 855 for the Claws .

-Each Weapon will have a class named for players who weild the weapons in a match : (Optional)
 *Spear     - Spearman 
 *Bow       - Archer
 *Hammer    - Blacksmith
 *Sword     - Swordsman
 *Claw      - Clawsman
 *Ice Staff - Wizard
 *Axe       - Woodcutter

-The Map for the Game Mode will always be the same , To minimize work for developing... It can be as big as an Arena map , Just increase the Width a bit to widen the 
 Battlefield .
-The Bosses will be planned by Rezoner and/or the Userecho members .
-Depending how much work can be done without making Rezoner insane , Levels in the Game mode will be lesser in quantity , But I hope that Rezoner would give this 
 Game Mode at least "3 Stages"

! Before Every Stage begins , Players can take items on "item pedestals" (I don't know if thats what you call them) that spawn items every beginning of a match and after
a boss dies , to get ready when each Stage starts . 

*Health Potions will only be given after each Boss' Death (6 Potions) .*

-Items that will be present in the Game Mode :
 *Land Mines 
 *Health Potions
 *Stamina Potions
 *Rope (No damage , can only be used with other players)
 *(A Gold Bag for Boss Drops) - If you don't like the idea of having to steal gold from others , at each Stage , Gold collected will be distributed equally to other players .

-Bosses -: (Some will be optional , depending on Rezoner and/or Userecho members' thoughts and opinions)
 *Will have minions when they spawn (except Level 1 Boss) (minions can be same as their looks but smaller and deals less damage , also much less health .)
  The number of minions can be 2 & 3 , Level 2 - 2 minions & Level 3-3 minions .
 *Will have attack patterns (To show weakness , - optional . You can just make a single boss attack .and stop to rest for a while)
 *One boss may be ranged ,not moving from it's spawn area cause moving would be useless ( again , minions , this will make sense )
 *Will drop 6 health potions , 5 Gold Bags (Each gold bag gives 15 gold) , as I said , if stealing isn't your type , gold can be contributed after a stage or a match 
  (match = the entire game mode) .
 *Weak spots ( optional )

*Obviously , A Boss has to be tough so , here's a Health level for each Boss on 3 levels :

 Level 1 Boss will have 3 times more health than an average player
 Level 2 Boss will have 4 times more health than an average player but also having 1 Layer of Armour
 Level 3 Boss will have 5 times more health than an average player but also having 2 Layers of Armour
 *How much Damage the Bosses will deal would depend on Rezoner and Userecho members'
 *Names ! - You can't name each boss " Level 1 Boss & Level 2 Boss " - NO ! , so , come up with a name depending on the boss (DEPENDS ON REZONER AND/OR USERECHO)
 *Movement speed must differ , if you prefer , slower than an average player

-NOTES : (Important - But some are still optional if proven too difficult to Develop and implement)
 *Only Players with Tribes can Join , To make solo players find a tribe . Increasing Tribe Member Population
 *Players with the same matchmaking name will have more chance to be in a same match when finding one .
 *This Game Mode will Only be available on Weekends , to avoid Gold abuse in this game mode .
 *This Game Mode will Only be playable for each 2 hours that passes by , Lasting PLAY Availability for 30 minutes ,
  then players will have to wait another 2 hours to play again , if this is too short , let's make it 4 hours .
 *Players can vote to "kick" another player they dislike in a match , To avoid Breaking Teamwork within the Game Mode
 *Players CANNOT be damaged by other players or items by other players ! You know why .
 *A timer in every Game mode in Wilds to notify players when this Game mode will be available .

To also avoid more work on developing this , The Design for the Bosses should be less detailed but still giving that Intimidating , Boss-ass Look .

-That's all for now , And as I've said in almost all of the contents in this simple presentation , It's up to Rezoner himself and/or other Userecho members to decide !
-I hope this would happen , I've been itching for something like this in my averagely long-experience here in wilds.io !
 You can adjust things that would seem too tiring or impossible for a browser game . I just hope you can get the idea of this ! Thanks mates !
 See you in wilds / on Discord ~

 I know that this would take precious time and effort , but I'll be more than happy if this would happen .           :)

-Things I think would be hard to develop/create/implement in the game  :

-The Bosses will take an enormous time and effort to make & animate , you would need too many images to animate .
 -The Entire battle-experience between PVE , would likely be the first time playing co-op against Environmental enemies without damaging someone else
 -Animating the Minions would likely be just as hard as the Bosses , having the minions look the same way like the boss would be boring and some of you would think the same.
 -Announcing the entire Game Mode , you would have to explain the important things . This is honestly too tiring .
 -Work , too much work , work , work , work , work ... I hope builders would be motivated :3
 (I only posted this because I know that this would be hard on you guys too make and I totally understand if you disagree in making this)

If you guys have any opinions , please comment , if you like this idea , give this a thumbs up ! and if you don't , you simply have to let your thoughts out .
~THANK YOU~     Hahahah and have a nice day !


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