Daily quest open

issa04 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 6

Hi guys, what do you mean to make the opening of daily quest more spectacular, for example like the Subway surf or Clash royale box?? This could embellish the menu and make it less similar to a simple website. I hope u like the idea, issa04.


Ehhmm... extra work for Rezoner but the quest opening thing could be something like opening a roll of paper and reading it.               +1

Not necessary, there are so many more important things for Rez to worry about than opening daily quest animations...

Stop coming up with random ideas. Think about them seriously before you post them. I am sure that this has come to Rez's mind. No need for stupid animations. *rolls eyes*

Disguised, but I said Rez must to realize this idea and now ????

You have to stop post random comments ok??

Now the menu is too serious ... almost like a web site, in a game there must be animations or not??

Stupid animations...for you