Buff the spear, please.

Knight of Rage 7 years ago updated by savage doge 7 years ago 12

It's a terrible weapon and it needs some love. I'll link a previous post that talks about balancing the weapons.


-the heir

Sorry I didn't add any suggestions, but I think these 2 should be fine:

Increase spear length by 20%: the spear should be loooooooong.

If you land on someone with your special, it should do some damage. Just a little damage.

so you are the E%patriate

Are you kidding me? The Spear is O.P.                  :P

If you know how to use it this can be OP. This weapon is best for cowards, and you should move around mountains when using this weapon.


pretty useless in arena


exactly. Not only is spear useless in arena, but you don't need it to get into fort, there are still plenty of bugs that let you just jump over the wall normally.

The spear needs a new special attack. And also increase the length..

In my topic I speak two ideas for special attack


thanks for making another topic to increase attention


we can also give a chance of bleeding effect


0.5 dmg per second for 2-3 secs?