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You know what would be really cool? having all game-modes mashed up in one single giant map, coexisting next to each other. Players could switch gamemodes by walking through the gamefield, crossing special doors that divide each game-mode mechanics and chat, and all that.

Tho, on second thoughts, it's quite complicated in many many ways: the coding would take a lot of unnecesary rewriting effort, and either way holding so many players on such various mechanics at once sounds rather unstable.

So: maybe this simpler version of my idea is of your interest:

-- Having ARENA AND SOCCER *Inside* Fort gamemode. --

Think about it:

• Players would queue these ranked games from inside the Fort game-mode, by crossing through a special gate (see image below) and a list is set, showing players already in queue and remaining-number-of-players needed to start a match (total of 8 in football, 2 in arena.) 

• Both these ranked games would now be public, that is to say: players outside the match would be able to spectate it, wether an arena fight or a football match. (This could also bring along a betting system in the future, maybe.) A score counter and a timer clock would be shown in each side of the courts of each current game.

• This voyeuring would be quite informative for newbie players, to get familiarized with the mini-game mechanics, modes and timings (and charms >:D)

• These games could be easily in-game arranged, like "hey you, wanna 1v1?" and both enter in one arena court and fight each other, then leave and keep playing in fort map.
• Queues for these games would now be even more public, because when you're already in the game you can check how many players are interested in a match. This way, the wait is even more organic to the game experience.

• Arena fights could have not only 1v1 fights but also 2v2 and 3v3 modes, according on how many players enter queue of a same arena court.
• This way players distribution among game-modes wouldn't be a problem anymore (you know, the lesser isolation of players the better.)

Those are the pros. The Cons are the various coding issues around this whole idea, and the obvious blank spaces of this brainstorming-idea-of-someone-who-doesn't-even-know-how-to-code-a-simple-program, and who also didn't-have-anything-to-do-with-the-development-of-this-game-anyhow.

Honestly, it's just that I always wanted to sometimes just espectate a match.

I was thinking of neutral zones around these ranked games, so that spectators could stay put without the risk of getting backstabbed by some perverted-bone-farming-player. I imagine something like this (though spacing could be a lot different):

Image 2037

Is it too much? lol.

It's two gamemodes in one, not 8594 gamemodes in one map.

rectification its 3

It's fort, football, 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5, 6v6, 7v7,... to 8592v8592. Here's your 8594 gamemodes.

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