Weapon skins

Raxon 7 years ago updated by issa04 7 years ago 1

My idea is to add skins to the game

The skins would be modifications to the weapons,they would only be for aesthetic purposes

For example:

The axe can become a


Resultado de imagen para poleaxe

Or a Bardiche

Resultado de imagen para bardiche

The sword can become a...


Or a Zweihänder

Resultado de imagen para Zweihänder

The hammer can become a...

Morning star

Or a Polehammer

The spear can become a...


Or a Glaive

The claws can become

Deer horn knives

Or Brass knuckles

i like this idea...but it has already proposed: https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/3114-one-upgrade-for-each-weapon/

and Rez seems to ignore it even though it has had 20 upvotes