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Next userecho leaderboard error

Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 14

I was AGAIN looking how many comments I need to beat Rezoner. And I found this:

Image 2000
Sorry for low quality, my scraptop is going to be trash like my previous computer.
Dead Wolf has 207.08 points, but when I moved my mouse to his avatar, this showed me "207.8". Everyone was learning some maths, so I don't know now, Dead Wolf has 207.08 points of 207.80...

PS. Egzekutor has been defeated in comments leaderboard! \(o)/

Under review

No matter how many bugs you will find there I will not fix them because it's like asking me to fix bugs on facebook :)

It's like pleasing you to eat a vacuum cleaner - effect will be same :D

good job Ukryty xD

Thx, I needed just half a year to beat Egzekutor. Rezoner is the next target XD  (BTW. As I was checking at this half a year, I noticed when I did those 972 comments, Rez did only 300-400. This can mean I can beat Rezoner in a few months!)

But highest topic score will be mine huehuehue :D

number of topics? I need 8 more and you are beated again. Sadly I can't beat you in average points :D

PS. Poke Hano has the most - 77.

303 comments im getting near!

In userecho there are too many mistakes....