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Visual Text Glitch - Simple Glitch?

Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago updated by Wordify 7 years ago 11

Topic of Interest: While playing wilds.io yesterday and today, I have realized that some players text "dialog" is not up to date with the rest of the players. Perhaps a coding error, an outdated visual aspect, or even just a silly mistake. 

Text Errors

Possible Solution: The text "visual error" appears to be random and affects one person, perhaps their computer doesn't support the font or the coding is slightly mistaken? There are too many variables to tell a definite solution to this visual issue. 

So this is why people say my name like Ifran now.

It's rather hard to read, especially while moving — so I would assume so.

I think that people who didn't change their names didn't have the fonts changed... maybe not...

I already reported this saii...

I was just going to say.

Under review

Looking great


is this intentional?