Horse and Dragon mounts

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I think you should put in a Mounts tab in the shop. All I've got right now is horses and dragons. First, you have to raise them as babies before you can ride them but it will take up to a week before they become adults. Your mounts can pass away after a year, but don't be sad. You can always buy a new one! Just one more thing before you move on to the next big thing. After you have bought your mount, you are able to name it! Any inappropriate names will be reported to the Wilds team and your mount will be deleted, you will get a full refund of the exact amount of coins that you spent on your mount. | Dragons | Dragons can attack by smashing the enemies into the ground with their tail, and they can breathe fire or ice or whatever kind of dragon you have to kill the enemy. All dragon breaths have different types of ways of killing the enemy. Fire: Burn the enemy to a crisp | Ice: Freeze the enemy to death OR freeze up the enemy until he/she is in an ice cube and then you can get off your dragon and kill them with your weapon. You guys can make more types of dragons and powers, I just made up these two to get you started. | Horses | The horses do not have any powers unless you train them until they reach a certain level. Horses can attack by kicking the enemies in the face and knocking them clear across the map, you know, like how the big giants do it? :/ Anyways on to the different types of powers your horse can be trained to use. Fire: Your horse can use fire powers by spitting fire balls. Your horse can also use fire powers by clacking their hooves together to make a giant fire ball and throwing it at the enemy. Ice: Your horse can use ice powers by spitting icicles at the enemy. Your horse can also use ice powers by stomping on the ground and turning a certain area into ice, the ice disappears in 5 seconds. After your horse turns the ground into ice, the enemy slips and falls. That allows you to get off of your horse and kill the enemy with your weapon but beware! The enemy gets back up after 10 seconds. That is all of the powers that your horse can be trained to do for now, you guys can make some more powers if you would like to. That's it for now thank you for reading, bye! WAIT... One more thing before you exit this topic. Always remember to feed, groom, and water your mount or they will die early! Bye!

Please if you want this go play a facebook game

I've gotta ask you a question. Why do I get yelled at every time I share my ideas? WHY?!?!


But... but im not yelling ;-;


Your post is shit that's why.   :/

Please, this game is simply not designed for this. Stop this far-fetched idea.


First: this can be a HUGE disadvantage to new players who can´t buy them.

Second: rising a dragon? go watch ¨how to train your dragon¨ first and then come back. 

Third: HORSES that can THROW FIREBALLS and ICICLES, did the horses found Merlin´s spellbook before us?

Fourth: These pass away!? i WON´T waste probably 4.000 gold coins for some BullSh*t that dies in a year! 

Fifth: Stuns for 10 SECONDS! M8 being stunned for 1 is enough to make you lose! 


Sixth: Feeding, watering and brooming? NO WAY M8 you can´t gather food from those boxes in the fort map and water isn´t even in the game, Think of it THIS IS A DAMN DESERT!

I´m sorry if i was mean, this was all for laughs.

what the actual fuck


horses. all very well, wait whats that!!!

fire breathing horses, ice spitting horses?

what the. sorry but think before you post an idea.

Anyway, this isn't World Of Warcraft...

I might prefer to face Jaraxxus.

I know, wilds have magic climate, but this is enough for me :x