New Landing of Weapons and Arrows

OnderaZ 4 years ago updated by Egzekutor 4 years ago 2

When you throw your gun, it disappears into the air after you fly a little. What is the purpose of this? I have an idea of two ways in which they should land.
1- Falling to the ground with its sharp part, making small cracks and disappearing after a while
2 - Falling with their cable, that is, they simply fell to the ground. Also disappearing afterwards.
This can also be used for the arrows and the arrow of the fire, perhaps after landing you can erase and release a small smoke.
I thought about the shots of the staff and their skill. They could, at some point, begin to fade into thin air.

(If there is another post with that same idea, excuses, certainly I did not know)

does it really matter

Not priority but this can looks much better in game. You have my support :3