For Rezoner *squeak*

I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 2 years ago • updated by issa04 2 years ago 8

Dear Rezoner,

   Why do you not have a profile description on your account in the forums? I mean provided not many people know that you have cats. It doesn't even need to be descriptive. It could just say: "squeak" to go with the toy as a profile picture.

"squeezing the astronaut toy as it makes a squeaky sound."

IDK why I made this post tbh. I guess having a profile description may help people know you a bit better.

Now talking about descriptions... what does the Ifram:*cough* in your profile means?

Right. Did I not say that he could be as indescriptive as he can ?

Oh it means that we do not know each other that much.


It is not cats. It's snow pumas :>




Hi. My name is Przemyslaw Sikorski. I am a gamedeveloper living in a small town of Cieszyn on a Poland and Czechia border.

I am known for being skilful in a wide range of technical and art endavours which allows me to turn ideas into reality in a very timely manner.

Currently I am running an online game wilds.io and I am not seeking for any contract work

It's just a temporary website as I am looking forward to share my knowledge about gamedevelopment, javascript/nodejs, art creation, becoming independent and making linux your home

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