The blowpipe

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(I will not give up on this idea so easily)
Well, I've already done two posts on the secondary weapons and it's one more.
If you have not read my second post about this idea, here is his link https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/3620-secondary-weapons-again/
I have here an idea for another secondary weapon, the blowpipe. It could be used every 1 or 2 minutes, and if it hit an opponent, it would decelerate for 1 minute, since the darts of these weapons usually contained poison.
It would be interesting to have secondary weapons in the game because, in my opinion, it would be much more feasible to add useful small weapons than to add more and more large weapons.

M8 you gonna lose stars because of this post

It seems that someone had this idea before me xD
Although another idea is more mechanical, I think mine is more basic, and that of losing stars, can I explain how it works?

If you get a lot of upvotes on your posts, your star score goes up, and if you get negative votes, it goes down. You can see star scores by looking at someone's profile under their profile picture

Okay, I've seen it. ._.

Thanks for explaining, but frankly, I should have checked if there was another post with the same idea ;-;

Before you add idea, always check key words on forum. This give you some info about topic. 

But okay, I already denounced my own publication =D