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Rezoner topics bug???

issa04 4 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 27.05.2020) 4 years ago 16

I noticed that the error is not only in the comments (https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/3464-userecho-leaderboard-is-lying/) but also in the topics of Rezoner !!
See this:

Then...the topics are 62 or 70??        

Is this a bug or is there something I do not know??

As you saw in Moms spaghetti´s post and Ukryty, they reported rezoner for; giving himself 500 arena points and putting more comments than he shoud have, so now you know that Rezoner is a dirty, dirty, naughty, naughty cheater.    :V    :V    :V    :V    :V    :V    :V    :V    :V    :V.

Under review

I don't think I have ability to change such numbers on userecho - the system seems to be broken and I can't do much about it - I am just an ordinary user of this service.

You have 54 comments more than you really have, I have 5 comments less. Why Khargok has 7 more?

report it to the community

Admins can ban themselves?

I understand why!! Maybe it's for this topic:

Rez did you create them ??? they are 9...

On userecho is bug with numbers. But i think, Rez can't do much with it...

Rezoner I have 3 ideas regarding userecho (but i do not know if you can add them, probably not):

-When you look at a player's or yourself's list of topics you can not divide it into idea, bug and questions

-I noticed that whenever you look at your topic the views increase, for me the views should suggest how many times your topic has been visited by other players do not know yourself

-The 3 idea is to add if the player who you sent him the replay saw it or not

Idk if it is worth putting a topic .... I hope you have seen my message, issa04

Rez another question: how does kaz does staff to have so many stars without having to do any topic ???

Ukryty u are right...Userecho leaderboards is lying!!!!


This guy added long time ago post which had tons of up votes. This is reason why he still have such high score.

I don't see the topic Ukryty

I'm loading the page and it's showing. Try to search in my ideas topic "Free average points? I want too!"