The "Roaming" Ogre

I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 3 years ago updated by Major Tom 3 years ago 5

Ogres can apparently "travel" very far. They keep walking into the world border for no reason. They even use it's special abilities for no reason too.

This also works with two Ogres. Is this intended? I think not because I think that Ogres were supposed stand still (when not influenced to fight). As a result, we have potentially two Ogres taking up useful space when performing special attacks around no one.

Actually, the ogres were put together pretty cheaply (sorry Rez) in that they use their special attacks (charge and jump) at totally random times. as for the walking to world edge thing, who knows. Bears and sandworms did that in the old map.

Ogre was singing it, when going through this border :D

its also a none team spawn so it's very annoying getting thrown right as you start

They can't longer look for current  tactics what players using for kill them, and they want leave :x

The one thing I hate about the ogre(s) is spawning right into them when I choose team 'none'. I'm not sure if this was intentional, but it's not the best start to the morning, I can tell you that.